Quotes and reviews

“The improvising is terrific, and Goloubev’s precision and drive irresistable”

– John Fordham, Jazzwise

“This album is a fine piece of democratic playing by an ensemble of four acknowledged masters of their art. These players are all in their prime and there is a sense that they are ready to and willing to take jazz forward to new places over the next decade or three”

– Dominic Williams, LondonJazzNews

“The writing is even better than the album’s handsome sound. Really this is the first reason that you should hear and get this record when it comes out”

– Marlbank

“Titanic for a Bike is Goloubev’s most satisfying recording to date, and goes a long way towards elevating him to the ranks of jazz’s premier bass improvisers. It also states the case most persuasively, for Goloubev as a modern composer and leader of note. Highly recommended”

– Ian Patterson, All About Jazz

“Tecnica elevatissima ed espressiva”

– Vincenzo Fugaldi, Jazzitalia

“Yuri Goloubev è in grado di trarre dal contrabbasso il respiro vero dello strumento, grazie alla profondità del lavoro fatto con il pizzicato e, ancor di più, con l’archetto e alla qualità del suono sempre efficace ed elegante in ogni passaggio”

– Fabio Ciminera, Jazzconvention

“Yuri Goloubev’s unmistakable, deftly cantabile bass soloing… how beautiful! I think it’s important to understand how much brightness and colour it brings to people’s lives. His playing is as exquisite as ever.”

– Adrian Pallant

“Beyond the perfect mastery of his instrument and his deep capacity for writing, is his aesthetic – musical creations deeply-rooted in his experiences from the worlds of classics and jazz – which makes his dialogue and improvisations so solid.”

– Francisco Cruz, Jazz News

“Yuri Goloubev is a truly sensational bassist.”

– Rainlore’s World of Music

“Yuri’s voice is so distinctive; what he does with his instrument is a unique thing.”

– Ian Patterson, All About Jazz

“Le contrebassiste russe Yuri Goloubev développe à l’archet un très beau son rappelant à l’évidence qu’il est aussi un interprète recherché en musique classique, mais possède également un groove puissant, et un sens mélodique certain lors des chorus qu’il développe avec une aisance qui trahit une technique phénoménale.”

– Patrice Boyer